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Jan 31, 2012 5:00pm PST
but that's the oakland option linda and jerome say they have left if they want to save of their home. >> all we're asking for is a fair modification. that's all we're asking for. >> reporter: jerome says it all started back this 2004 when he took out a mortgage from world savings bank. >> we told them we needed a 30- year fixed mortgage including our property tax and our insurance. >> reporter: and that's what he thought he got but after making his first payment he realized something was wrong. >> i saw that there was no principal reduction. >> reporter: and that's when he contacted his loan officer, who refused to help. within five years, their monthly mortgage payment jumped from $1,800 to $4,200. >> we knew that this was not what we asked for. >> reporter: like thousands of homeowners, the family was given a pick a pay loan from world savings bank now known as predatory lending. >> they targeted these loans at elderly people, on fixed incomes and people who didn't really understand what was going on. >> reporter: this housing advocate says banks like world savings and wachovia oft
Feb 12, 2012 6:30pm EST
are now replaced instead of wooden shelf clocks you get chauncey jerome which uses a return to brass, not imported brass anymore but this is stamped brass, much thinner and much easier to fabricate from, and he works from a variety of venues, including new haven and brooklyn, and so many of these provincial workplaces, places of work begin to recentralize, just like in the 18th century back into sort of urban places and more of a factory mode. or you get someone like rufus porter who moved to new york. and found scientific american. he finds that and robert peckham or someone like arastis field. who starts to use degariotypes for his portraiture. so you don't have to sit for one of the portraits. he will take a family picture and paints the group portrait from a degariotype. i would argue this is more solid and more boring and much of the exuberance has been diminished by that particular mode. then you get an interesting story with the degariotypes, because you get the same process of itinerants who go out with urban training and move into the provincial areas looking for a wider mor
Feb 11, 2012 10:00am EST
for that was jerome. and i love that music of richard rodgers said, jerome come one of the greatest american songs of all time, old man river from one of the greatest american shows of all time, show boat. richard rodgers said of him he had one foot in the old well and one for a new. is kind of the first great new york composer but that is quite an astute observation by richard rodgers because it's kind of, he was influenced by a lot of london composer's but he's nudging, he's moving on before the. if you go back and you listen to they didn't believe me, that song is making 14. what you are we now? 2012. that song is 98 years old. they didn't believe me. and i was in a club not so long ago and someone sang that song and it sounded as fresh and timeless, and if you'd said this is something from 98 years ago, from a show no one remembers, it's beautiful. that's jerome kern. why leftists hate western civilization, which is a far less agreeable topic to me, look, here's the problem. you know, leftists are the beneficiaries of western civilization, and you can't make a living as a multiculturalist anyw
Feb 11, 2012 11:30am EST
. this is the great transformation looked at in a different way. there are losers. chauncey jerome, the clock maker, yes he moves to this brass clock making.
Feb 16, 2012 7:48pm PST
. >> my name is jerome altman. i am the architect for the 3258 mission project. i will speak about the security system. çóin the course of working on this, and that neighboring merchants. security was a major concern for them. my design for this, security was aç big criteria. it became the basis for how customers arriveç, and to the facility, and conduct business while inside. the front door of the facility will be locked at all times. regular customers need to show their id and their prescription recommendation letter prior to entering. nto the lobby and wait for the receptionist to confirm their recommendation. once approved, they will pass through another locked door into çthe act will dispensary. -- actual dispensary. after hours, there is a security gate which will close the entire facade. there are no doors in the rear of the building. there is one window to the balcony, which will have bars on it. there is also involved located right here -- there is also a valut -- vault qlocated in back, right here. there will be manuals describing the security system, and they wil
Jan 31, 2012 6:00pm PST
option linda lofton and her husband jerome say they have left to save their home. >> all we're asking for is a fair modification. that's all we're asking for. >> reporter: jerome says it all started back in 2004 when he took out a mortgage from world savings bank. >> we told them we needed a 30- year fixed mortgage including our property tax and our insurance. >> reporter: and that's what he thought he got but after making his first payment, he realized something was wrong. >> i saw that there was no principal reduction. >> reporter: and that's when he contacted his loan officer, who refused to help. within five years their monthly mortgage payment went from $1,800 to $4,200. >> we knew this was not what we asked for. >> reporter: like thousands of who who is, the loftons were given a pick a pay loan from world savings bank type of loan now known as predatory lending. >> they targeted these loans at at the elderly and those who didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: housing advocates say banks like world savings and what co-yeah often took advantage of -- and wachovia often took
Feb 4, 2012 2:30am PST
their chocolates will melt our panel's hearts. >> good morning. my name's jerome and this is kevin. we're co-founders of berkshire walk chocolate in western massachusetts where we make all-natural chocolate bars. what makes us unique in the market that is although we use the highest-quality ingredients, berkshire bark has a fun, unpretentious nature and an accessible price point. our use of chunky-size ingredients and fun flavor led to call us the ben and jerry's of chocolates. >> total sales of $160,000 in 2011. we have national and regional distribution with product placement in over 150 retail stores. we were seek an investment of $500,000 for facility, improvements, equipment, and marketing. in return, we're offering a 14% return on investment with a possible equity position. >> all right, wow. if it is any indication these people did not only take one bite bite, i'll get one in a sec, thank you, they were eating the whole thing the whole time. so mo, you're a venture capitalist, you listen to pitches all day long, how did they do? >> i think they did quite well, actually.
Feb 4, 2012 6:00am EST
, heading away from the bus stop where 23-year-old jerome parker jones had just been stabbed to death. they said a motive has not been established but want to talk to the man in the video. any witnesses could be eligible for a $25,000 reward. >>> a man in a car accident will spend the next 25 years in prison. carlos was in the courtroom. he was drunk when he crashed into another car killing sister denise and injuring two other nuns. is the is the third drunk driving offense. during the sentencing, he said he's extremely sorry for the pain he's caused and ready to receive his punishment. >> i'm extremely sorry for the destruction and harm i put the sisters and their families through. i feel horrible for what i have done. i take full responsibility for my actions and i'm willing to accept my penalty. >> the judge actually had a longer sentence in mind but lowered it after hearing montano's statement. >>> an 84-year-old woman is recovering after being found beaten and bloodied inside her apartment in maryland. she opened the door to a man wednesday to a man she thought was her neighbor.
Feb 4, 2012 6:00pm EST
voice, and what she said had great content and she did not waste her words. she... c-span: and jerome waldie, behind her on the right, there with the glasses, and then paul sarbanes again. >> guest: right. another individual that--that--that had figured, even up to today, so that this picture is one of my favorite photographs, and--and it was published in life magazine when they were doing a story on what happened during the impeachment of the president. c-span: if you had a choice, would you rather shoot black and white or color? >> guest: they're both important. i--black and white has archive value--that's the beauty of it. you know when you're shooting black and white that anything that you photograph is going to last long after you're around. when you shoot color, color is much more fragile. it certainly gives you life the way life really is, which is color, but the film doesn't have the long life. they're--they have improved it greatly, but when you're shooting this kind of historic document, i think black and white is--is much more powerful than color is. c-span: who are these p
Feb 11, 2012 8:00am EST
of his mother being american, his mother was the new york society lady jenny jerome, and his father english, lord randolph churchill, he said if it had been the oh way around, he might have been there on his own. in other words, he was arrogant enough to think that he might have been there as the president speaking to congress. and he had that kind of personality that it could possibly have happened. he would go on to speak to the canadian parliament. he went in president roosevelt's own private train to the capital of ottawa in canada to speak to the canadian parliament. and he was by that time pretty tired. he had had an exhausting trip to the united states, he had drunk too much, he'd even had a heart attack in the white house that nobody knew about for 30 years. he had a heart attack, he had tried to push open a white house window because his cigar smoke got even too much for him, and he wanted some fresh air. and he felt pain in his arm and his chest, and he sensed there was trouble. he told nobody, but he called in his doctor who had traveled with him to america the next morni
Feb 1, 2012 6:00am PST
of london reporter who has seen this leaked report, his name is jerome stocky, we asked him with this leak who wins and who loses. listen to how he put it. >> this is soenl likely to heighten tension between particularly u.s. relations with islamabad. it may also further the afghan government's appetite for peace. there's a sense in this document that peace negotiations aren't going very fast. >> reporter: apparently he says, too, that this document says that pakistani officials know exactly where all the senior taliban commanders are. that's something that has really made the united states annoyed in the past, and there have been so many suspicions over the years of pakistani intelligence leaks, certain parts of it, that prop up and support the taliban. nato has really downplayed this report, kyra. they say this is the taliban's view. this is their opinion. it doesn't bear out the reality on the ground. pakistan for its part has totally rejected it. they completely deny everything in this report and call it totally frivolous. kyra? >> we'll stay on the story. zain, thanks. >>> say what yo
Feb 20, 2012 7:00am EST
the banking system in europe. host: a democratic caller in pennsylvania. hello, jerome. guest: i would like to say -- caller: i would like to say thank you to the cable companies for c-span. i would like to ask mr. shapiro who is being held accountable for these mistakes that were made? host: the mistakes in europe? >> -- caller: no, but the mistakes in this country. guest: the fact is that almost no one has been held accountable. we do not have a good system for creating accountability in these kinds of crises. most of what was done by the banks which failed and consequently required taxpayer bailout, was not legal. there was nothing illegal about it. it was risky and reckless. regulators were reckless in allowing it to happen, but it was not illegal. that makes it hard to hold anyone accountable. i think that, as i said, the terms of the bailout imposed a certain amount of accountability, and that was not done. we could have said to the banks that we were bailing out that you must use these funds, or some part of these funds, to expand most of the businesses in order to drive stronger bus
Feb 5, 2012 5:00am EST
. cortez kennedy in. curtis martin. left tackle willie rhoads. jack butler, jerome bettis not earning a place. maryland rally to knock off the terps. a great game here in baltimore as morgan state could not quite get it done. super bowl sunday. enjoy is right here. we are your station for super bowl xlvi. have a great day. >> the ravens looked pretty snazzy there to get those awards. >> here's a look ahead to our next hour of "11 news sunday morning." >> mitt romney is the front-runner on the g.o.p. a look at last night's caucusses. >> and we head to indianapolis for tonight's super bowl. >> and we have been tracking a big storm that brought all the heavy snow to the plains. as it moves to the east, hardly anything to look at. we take a look at it when we come back in the seven-day forecast. >> the sun's rays extended over the chesapeake bay, but the water was far from warm as people jumped in the bay and raised money for the special olympics. wbal was proud to be the sponsor of the 16th annual polar bear plunge at sandy park in annapolis. some 10,000 friends, family and supporters ch
Feb 23, 2012 6:00am EST
what happened with the jerome strike because presumably he's allowed to know what he's not allowed to tell us. we don't carry a the emergency stay all at once. it's been grown. it certainly didn't start under george w. bush, but i think the experience of the bush-cheney administration made us see in a clearer way or we've been doing. but as i did the research for this book, my feeling is the bush and administration invented little but was new. it was built on practices and conditions into extraordinary conditions but nothing really new we can talk about that in the question and i answered the details of the recent past its but things we can do now to get ourselves back on track and the ideas i offered in the book and the purpose of the ideas i'm not qualified to give a blueprint of returning america to constitution, none of us is. it's a deliberate over four months by the educated elite of their day with popular input to the ratification conventions and we need the same kind of process. what i'm trying to do it here is stored in the discussion i'm being deliberately provocative wit
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Feb 16, 2012 3:00am PST
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Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)